Dr Mirchandani is a psychiatrist practicing in Mumbai, his focuses is on rational psychopharmacological treatment. In addition he teaches individuals Behavioral Techniques to manage their psychological disorders. Behavioural methods are especially helpful with depression, anxiety, OCD, Social anxiety disorder and other psychogenic disorders such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome. He also uses Behavioural Techniques in the treatment pain and other medical disrders.

He has a firm policy about people being on time for appointments thereby minimizing any delay for people waiting to see him. People who find it difficult to meet on time or need to frequently reschedule appointments do not do well with him. Appointments are usually 45 minutes to an hourand in the case of medication follow ups are half an hour.

If you would like an appointment or further details please call +919029077645 or send a message from the contact page on this site if you need some details.

He only meet people by prior appointment please do not come to the clinic without an appointment.

Google maps directions to the clinic click HERE

Dr Mirchandani also conducts training programes for professionals and people interested in self-improvement more details at psymind.net