I am a psychiatrist with a special interest in  healing using behavioral and  mind-body techniques.

Where required I prescribe medication when required in the treatment of Mood disorders such as Depression or Bipolar Disorder and anxiety disorders (panic, phobias and OCD).

Have a particular interest in Behavioral Medicine; using Mind-body therapy to heal a variety of psychogenic disorders such as pain syndromes, irritable  bowel syndrome (IBS) that are aggravated or caused by stress or psychological factors.

Am a medical doctor specialising in psychiatry and have been in private practice since 1981. Following my MBBS from AFMC  (1977) and my specialisation is in psychological medicine DPM and  MD (1981) from TNMC Mumbai.

I also conduct training programs on stress management and emotional skills to enable people to cope with the the complexities of modern life. More details about training at http://psymind.net

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